krēmkrāsas satīna naktskleita



Luxurious women’s satin nightwear.

Elegant satin night dress and pajamas with lace for beautiful moments at home.

Satin is elegance and femininity. Like silk very pleasantly cool, slippery and beautifully falling on the body.

Romantic, feminine, beautiful and sexy, that’s how you are in a beautiful satin nightgown.

Available in S, M and L sizes.

krēmkrāsas satīna naktskleita
Sejas maska kopā ar cita rota silto šalli


This is a double face mask embroidered from 100% cotton fabric. The mask is reusable and washable. The face mask can be pulled on both sides. Available in two sizes S / M and L / XL

* This is not a medical mask and will not protect you from the virus by contacting Covid-19 sufferers. It may stop the spread of your moisture droplets if you are likely to be a patient or carrier of Covid-19.
* Face mask is a hygiene product


Price: 5EUR + Shipping

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